Programming fundamentals with JavaScript

Creation and use of variables in JavaScript

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Variables in any programming language are the fundamental basis to make your application, program or Web App works. In this post I explain you how variables work in JavaScript and more details that you must consider when using them.

Efficient use of JavaScript operators

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JavaScript operators are another essential part of understanding the flow of our algorithm. We can find assignment operators, string operators, arithmetic operators and more. Click on this article to access a more detailed explanation of how JavaScript operators work.

If (you're learning JavaScript) else Read this post

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Conditional control structures help the flow of an algorithm make a decision based on what we have defined. What is the if else statement? How to write conditionals? How does the if work in programming? Enter and learn how conditionals work.

How to manage an array in JavaScript

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It is very common to manipulate data inside an array. In this post you will find out how to do it, what kind of methods exist and what they do. Arrays in JavaScript are found in the day to day of anything you do with this language, learn how to master them.

Easy understanding of JavaScript for loop

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Loops make it easier for the developer to avoid repeating a block of code. There are different ways to make loops but in this article we focus on JavaScript for loops.

Working with JavaScript objects for beginners

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Literal objects are the starting point to understand OOP (Object Oriented Programming). In this article I explain in a basic way with pokemons how to modify objects, remove or add properties, know their values and even how to transform them into an array.

JavaScript Functions for Muggles!!

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Arrow functions, function declaration, callback functions and more functions. They are the nerve center of every program and are what allow user/software interactivity and even communication between elements of your program.