About Me

Manuel De León

My name is Manuel De León, and I am currently dedicated to web development while continuing to educate myself in various Front-End and Back-End technologies.

My path through web development has been a curious (and necessary) process. Originally I was dedicated to audio engineering but due to external circumstances I started to take my first steps on the web; it has not been easy, it has not been a linear process, as with a curriculum to follow, because the self-taught and online training is a map to explore like an Age of Empires game.

The immersion to the web was through digital marketing focused on SEO, there were many missteps and blunders but with practice I got the hang of it. It was easy to understand the technical concepts: Keywords, types of extensions, CMS, H1 and H2 tags... Everything was fine, but what is HTML tags? What is HTML? What is HTML for? Curiosity made me find the answer and see that being a programmer or web developer is not just handling a CMS, it is a much wider world.

HTML was easy to understand, then came CSS, language that I had to give several reviews to understand how it worked the issue of positioning and then came JavaScript (hail JavaScript). JS is my mother programming language, I'm still studying the language and I see, with a lot of optimism, all its capabilities.

It has been quite an organic development, slow, but steady. I started my online training through platforms like Udemy and from 2018 I started working on a couple of blog layout and optimization projects. I handle basic web authoring technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript; I also have some experience with frameworks like Angular and now I see the basics of React and its ecosystem and I also know the WordPress workdesk.

I keep studying and researching every day about being a web developer and the existing paths in this branch, I do not give up, no matter how broad the area is; I know that web programming can become overwhelming but with patience, mentoring and enough perseverance, the goals are met.

You can check more about me and my professional career through the button down below. 👇